10 Motivational ideas blogging for beginners

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10 Motivational ideas blogging for beginners

Mama always said: “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’ve gonna get ” Forest Gump


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I think I can relate with Calvin regarding writing a blog. How do you begin? What do you have to write about? What would people want to know? What is my motivation for writing?

Must say my motivation stems from; to build into peoples lives so as to be of assistance to more effective.

I think everybody wants that big brother that is present for them to bounce things off to make better decisions in life.

I think everybody should be able to share lessons they have learned in life the hard way to pass that knowledge on to their peers / children to enable them to have a jump on life.

"Life is like an elevator, some people take you up and some down"

Must say this is not my first blog but my third. I previously started a blog for my business and then a personal one.


The Huffington Post list 10 points of motivation for writing a blog
Michael B. Fishbein

  1. Attract an Audience.
  2. Establish Authority.
  3. Build report and Engagement.
  4. Create Opportunities.
  5. Organize your thoughts and learn.
  6. Tell your story.
  7. Meet new people.
  8. Stand out.
  9. Validate Expertise.
  10. Make money.

10 Motivational ideas blogging for beginners :

1. We love to share our story.

Don’t we all during the holiday like to pick a nice book to read just to relax and dream into a fantasy world where the hero comes out on top at the end!!!

2. We want to make a difference in the world.

My one friend said with tongue in cheek that you don’t have to worry if you are an example in the world, even if it is a bad one.

3. We want to feel that we matter in this world and not just a number.

We need that affirmation from people that we matter. Whether is is our wife or husband that tell us they love us. Or our sweet little daughter that whispers in your ear; “Daddy I like you”.

4. We like to share what we’ve learned in life, even if I don’t follow my advice all the time.

We all had those good and bad experiences we would like to share with people to get report. To either better my situation or get recognition for the way we handled things.

5. We read great stories about historical figures who faced odds and came out on top.

We want to associate ourselves with those people, cause then we can say to ourselves we do matter and are important.

6. Sometimes we like walking through different doors taking us places where we could never get to.

If might be the Narnia, Bag End, 221B Baker street, Monsters inc. or Hogwarts.

7. Who am I and where do I fit into this world?

What if someone discovers the content of my digital life in a 100 years? What story will they tell?

8. We like to leave a legacy behind for people to remember us by.

Some people go to great extents to make money thinking that they will be remembered as an successful person but losing their family and friends in the process and dying old and alone.

9. Sometimes we like to conjure up the worst case scenarios to warn people about bad consequences of possible bad decisions we have made in the past.

Who of us haven’t watched the odd horror movie to make our blood rush through our veins and cling to the person next to us when that eerie sounds reach an crescendo.

10. We love to present the good cop, bad cop personalities.

There always have to be the beauty that has to be rescued by the knight in shining armor from the villain.

In Summary:

So whatever you reason to write your story, just make it happen. By hook or by crook.


"A true piece of writing is a dangerous thing, it can change your life."

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