11 – Summary of Post Titles



Excellence ???

Join our Family Meeting

Motivational : Self-discipline = Self-Love – Will Smith

My Best Year Yet for Ever 2019

10 Motivational ideas blogging for beginners

Do you live for God’s Glory?

Die Koningkryk

Wat kan tot jou verlossing ly?

What your Hope, you Future?

How to deal with Stress???

Jou hele wese

Waak jy en bid jy? Of slaap jy?

In wie se hande is jou toekoms?

Juig en wees bly oor die nuwe dag van die Here !!!

Wat is van belang in jou lewe?

Hoe jy ‘n kind van God word?

Science vs. God

Whatever you ask for in prayer ? Alles wat jy in gebed voor vra?

Are you aware of satan’s plans? Is jy bewus van satan se planne?

Nederigheid & Toets van Gehoorsaamheid

Bearing – The fruit of The Kingdom

Making Disciples vs. Making Converts

There is always hope!!! Even if you feel like you are on a deserted island in the middle of the sea !!!

Becoming a Man

What is Faith?

Be thankful in all circumstances

God has a plan for my life !!!

Which Jesus are you following ?

Do you worry ?

A new beginning

Love never fails

Living life to the full


Born again

Passion for People – A Godly Jealosy

Overcome my Distress & Sorrow ?

A compassionate heart

The Fear of the Lord

Jesus’ enemies a footstool for His feet

Give Thanks

Always do what is right

The Future Generations 

All people will see His Glory !!!

A thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone byWalking in the light of Your presence

What is the Kingdom of God about ?

Are you blessed ?

Sons of the Most High – gods

God of Wonders

Slippery feet

Who is your shepherd ?

A ray of the sun

Love, Love, Love, Love…

Family / Cell / Bible Discussion Group

The Gospel in Detail

The Gospel

Feelings & Desires

What/Who do you trust ?

Being Steadfast

One Thing I do


Feeling Blissful and Loved by God Continually 

Shout out !!!

Do I please God?

Broken pottery with Christ shining His light through us

Warm, Luke Warm & Cold – Righteous, Religeous & Reckless

The Heavenly Experience !!!

What is your mission on earth ? 

What or who strenthens you ?

To Heaven or Not ?

Do you see being humble as a good thing ?

Prophesy coming true this morning !!!

Reasons Churches Less Evangelistic Today

Wildernis time 

Are you looking to sell your property or buy a new house ?

My secret place

Quitting ???

Am I Intentional about my Relationship with God ?

World Peace !!!

The Real Atheist 

Is Christianity a leap of faith ?

Young Christians

Jesus’ birthday – King of Kings


Christian or a Disciple ?

The Best seller of Black Friday !!!

Make Today Count

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