2.3 Seeking God – The Unknown God

"It is not too much to say that all real growth in the spiritual life - all victory over temptation, all confidence and peace in the presence of difficulties and dangers, all repose of spirit in times of great disappointments or loss, all habitual communion with God - depend upon the practise of secret prayer." - Unknown
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Relating to or believing in a religion.


Religion is a social-cultural system of designated behaviors and practices, morals, beliefs, worldviews, texts, sanctified places, prophecies, ethics, or organizations, that relates humanity …

1. The Bible Scriptures:

– Let’s see what the Bible has to say about religion John.

22 Paul then stood up in the meeting of the Areopagus and said: “People of Athens! I see that in every way you are very religious.23 For as I walked around and looked carefully at your objects of worship, I even found an altar with this inscription: to an unknown god. So you are ignorant of the very thing you worship—and this is what I am going to proclaim to you.

Acts 17:18-21


  • I would have seen it as a compliment if someone says that I am very religious. 
  • So that means in today terms they were devout, pious, committed to services and rituals. 
  • They were not just religious, but very religious. 
  • If Paul just stopped here people would think they are top notch in God’s books. 
  • The question is; does being very religious make you right with God?
  • I think most people only knows the peripherals about their beliefs in God. 
  • They are only Sunday Christians, like someone once said people are submarine Christians, only surfacing on Sundays.
  • That means Christianity is more like a ritual to you that you only do on Sundays.
  • You don’t really have a “relationship” with God where you walk with him on a dayly basis. 
  • Do you know scriptures about the following themes in the Bible? Repentance, faith in God, cleansing rites, laying on of hands, how the dead are resurrected, eternal judgement, seeking god, discipleship, kingdom of God, baptism, false doctrines, etc. (Heb 6:1-2)
  • Are you ignorant of the God you worship?
  • What is three scripures that talk about sin that seperates us from God? Do you even know what seperates your from God?
  • Do you know what makes you happy?
  • Do you know what God’s will for your life?
  • Do you know what a real relationship with God is all about?
  • How do you help someone to become a Christian personally?
  • Is there really a heaven and hell?
  • Is my church the right church?
  • Will my doctrine / beliefs about the Bible save me?
  • What does preaching the good news entails?
  • What is the heart issues someone need to deal with to becoem a Christian?
  • How does the Bible fit together?
  • How does God save me?
  • Does praying Jesus really works, where in the BIble is that prayer?
  • Can I invite Jesus into my heart to be saved? Wasn’t that verse directed to lukewarm Christians that already was saved?
"Unless you point to the good news of God's grace people will not be able to bear the bad news of God's judgement."
  •  So will I be religious or righteous in the end, do I know the difference?
  •  Is God unknown to you or do you have a real daily relationship with God?
  • Can I defend my faith if someone asks me questions?
  • Learn how to share the good news with people. 

"Keep sharing the good news; we have not yet exhausted the number of God's elect."

2. Close

John so I think you have some Bible study to do!!!

Francois yes I rarely read my Bible except in church. If I have to defend my faith I must be able to show people from the Bible. 

–  John can you please close us out in a prayer?
  • My pleasure, Francois.
  • Good Morning Father.
  • I do love you God. I pray that I will seek you with all of my heart!!!
  • Jesus I know news about You is good news and not the bad news.
  • Amen.
Tomorrrow we will look at: Seeking God while he May be Found
  •  If you would like to study the Bible and learn more, get a mentor, please feel free to contact me by whatsapp me +27 79 481 8989. Join our find your greatness meetup group.

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