You are currently viewing 40.3.1 Day 3 – Part 1 – Luk 8:13 – No Roots – “GROWING ROOTS” – 40 Days

40.3.1 Day 3 – Part 1 – Luk 8:13 – No Roots – “GROWING ROOTS” – 40 Days

Those on the rocky ground are the ones who receive the word with joy when they hear it, but they have no root. They believe for a while, but in the time of testing they fall away.

Luk 8:13

Here are some tips to look after your young tree:

  • Do not overwater your tree.
    • It can cause the roots to rot which can cause your tree to fall. 
    • If there is too much moisture there is a certain type of fungus that grows to rot your roots.
    • The soil should be moist but not soaking.
    • If you water your tree too frequently it will teach your tree roots to grow near the surface.
    • You have overwatered your tree when you can play in the mud and make mud balls.
    • Water your tree slowly over a log period of time.
    • Doing it this way the water will be able to penetrate deep into the soil, which allows the roots to grow at the correct depth.
  • Not too much mulching.
    • Mulching is good for the tree because it keeps the moisture from evaporating slower due to direct sunlight.
    •  Too much mulching teaches your tree to grow it’s roots shallow.
    • Also mulching can even suffocate your roots. 
    • Mulching should be not directly around the base of the tree and 50 -100 mm around the tree.
  • If you tree does not look that good you need to examine the roots.
  • Prune your trees so it will have a good structure and not grow uneven making it succeptable to some branches breaking off. 
  • Remove the weak or dead limbs. The dead limbs come off in storms and might damage your car, people or your house. A Y limb will be weak later in growth causing the tree to loose one branch. 
  • So let us apply these principles spiritually.
  • Make sure your tree is not planted between rocks:
    • Although the Bible says that your foundation should be on the rock which is Jesus using the analogy of the tree it is not applicable. 
    • Well the problem with this type of soil is what is it doing on the rocks?
    • Rocks normally are dangerous territory.
    • This might be the adventurous guy climbing the mountain but running the risk of falling.
    • It is almost as if this guy are doing the bare minimum, the shallow ground that can nourish his soul is just enough to keep him going. 
    • I am just thinking if you have the choice to grow in rich and lush soil, why would you choose the rocky ground?
    • Don’t you know you will not flourish there.
    • This seems to be a person which little or no character who cannot stand up for what he believes in. 
    • Are you easily swayed by people and their opinions or are you rooted in the word?
  •  Overwatering your tree might be your discipler seeing that you are struggling and doing so many lessons with you because you do not take the responsibility to grow in your own faith.
    •  Growing in your faith takes daily reading of your Bible, praying, fellowship, confessing sin and sharing your faith. It is like brushing your teeth, eating, going to class, etc. you have to do it daily as part of your routine. Block some time out for your quiet time and prayer to start with.
    • If you are not disciplined in connecting with God, disciples and non christians daily you will never be a great disciple and eventually you will fall away.
    • Just like a tree you need to water your soul regularly over a long period of time.
  • To much mulching makes me think about to many brothers / sisters swarming around you to help you.
    • As in the first case you should be allowed to grow at your own pace and not have a unrealistic expectation of you. 
    • You should not depend on other people for your growth or blame them for your lack of growth. The Bible says work out your salvation with fear and trembling. (Phil 2:12)
  • Our tree cannot look good when the roots are not healthy.
    • Spiritually normally it is because we do not confess our sin and then feel too guilty and embarrased to confess them. 
    • The amaizing thing is that God is faithful and just and will forgive our sins if we confess them. (1 Jn 1:9) It is like my car’s alternator that has just broken. It does not help that I feel sorry for myself that my car is broken, I just need to go to the shop buy another altenator and replace it. 
  • Pruning your tree is allowing God to disciple your through maybe a Sunday service, a lesson your discipler has done with you or your own Bible study.
  • Removing those dead limb or weak limbs is those past sins in your life that wants to fall on you or wanting to sprout a new branch in your life. Just remove it, it will not benefit your life in the long run but might ruin it later. Remember the verse if your eye causes you to sin, gouge it out. (Mat 5:29-30)

I hope you have enjoyed this study as much as I did and put the thing in practise that you need to, your eternal life is dependant on it. Don’t take it for granted. 


  • Morning Lord.
  •  Trees are such an amaizing creation of you. 
  • We love sitting in their shade on the grass, eat their fruit and enjoy their beauty say like in a forest.
  • I am just thinking if I could not make a fire and have a nice braai (bbq) on a Saturday night with my friends and family.
  • Lord I can truly learn from trees to be really spiritual and grow my spiritual roots.
  • Help me to be disciplined with my life and grow strong deep roots in your kingdom.
  • Love you Lord for saving me and forgiving my sins and still forgive my sins as I keep having a clear conscience by confessing my sins. 
  • Amen

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