5.8. Sin List – Missing the Mark

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Read Time:13 Minute, 39 Second

Gal 5 : 19 – 21

1. Sexual Immorality :

Def : Not following accepted standards of morality / sexual behaviour, sexually morally wrong or evil

  • Description : Sex before marriage, Adultery, Sex with animals, Homosexuality, a sexual relationship outside marriage, even just looking lustfully at a woman
  • Cause : Movies, flirtation – smooth talk, do not understand what love is (Pr 7:18), women who are married already, lack of judgement (Pr 7:7), not getting your fulfilment from God, feeling alone, putting yourself in situations that you can be seduced – e.g. workparties, visiting an old girlfriend alone, hating discipline and spurning (reject) correction (Pr 5:12), don’t obey their teachers or listen to their instructor (Pr 5:13)
  • Effect : Reduced to a loaf of bread (Pr 6:26), will cost you your life (Pr 7:23,27), fall away from God, destroy himself, his shame will never be wiped away (Pr 6:33), will experience the fury of the husband, he will take no bribe (Pr 6:34-35), will not go unpunished (Pr 6:29), the adulteress preys upon your life (Pr 6:26), give your best strength to others, your years to one who is cruel (Pr 5:9), strangers will feast on your wealth and your toil enrich another man’s house (Pr 5:10), you will groan at the end of your life when your flesh and body are spent (Pr 5:11), you will come to the brink of utter ruin in the midst of the whole assembly (Pr 5:14), the women will be bitter as gall (Pr 5:4), the women feet go down to death (Pr 5:5)

2. Impurity :

Def : Morally wrong, esp. in one’s sexual behaviour, not clean, dirty or contaminated, not consisting of one substance, but mixed with another substance of poorer quality, mixed with a foreign matter

  • Description : Smoking, Masturbation, Pornography, Blue films, drugs, and impure thoughts
  • Cause : wanting acceptance from your friends, be cool, want to be your own man/women, bad movies, TV, sensuality, magazines of the opposite sex, lust (Mat 5:28), not making God your desire and devoting yourself to him (Jer 30:21), not having a clear conscience daily (1 Tim 4:2), not getting your fulfilment from God
  • Effect : leads to immorality later on, emphysema, lung cancer, heart attack, smelling bad, kissing a ash tray, feeling guilty (Rev 12:10, Ps 32:5), feeling weak and discouraged (Ps 32:3-4), feeling dirty, being cast from God presence & in danger that HS will be taken from you (Ps 51:11), not joyful (Ps 51:12), grumpy, do not want people close to you, want to hide your sin,  fake smile to cover up that you are not happy and that people will know what is going on in your life, distance yourself from people, feel like sleeping a lot, don’t want to spend time with people, don’t want to talk to your discipler, leads to other more grievous sins

3. Debauchery :

Def : Act immorally by using bad influences, occasion of excessive drinking or immoral behaviour, usu. involving several people, indulgence in sensual habits

  • Description : Overindulgence (doing things too much or little) – Sleeping, eating, watching TV, sport, studying, drinking
  • Cause : discouragement, distraction, get your fulfilment from them and not God, selfish ambition, laziness (Pr 19:15, Pr 26:14), no self control, cause the opportunity for you to sin if you are not seeking God, don’t want to deal with your problems, scape goat to not deal with your feelings
  • Effect : Undisciplined, bad reputation at work for coming late, over weight, lack of finances, procrastination in doing what is right, tired of studying too much (Ecc 12:12), don’t have a life, it becomes your idol, alcoholic

4. Idolatry :

Def : Worship of idols, too much devotion of admiration, object of excessive devotion

  • Description : Bowing before an idol, you being your own idol (you are a self made man), anything that is more important to you than God, sport, money, television, job, relationships, myself
  • Cause : Pride, not getting your fulfilment from God, not having faith, do not understand who God is and what He is like, not devoting yourself to God, not being surrendered
  • Effect : Going from one thing to another to get your fulfilment from them, emotionally unstable, not confident due to unbalanced life, selfishness in rather doing it than spend your time on people, arrogance about your heroes in sport, individualistic, build your own monuments, follow your feelings rather than in doing what is right

5. Witchcraft :

Def : Use of magic powers, esp. evil ones; sorcery

  • Description : “Glasie-Glasie”, sangomas, horoscopes, hypnotism, stars, palm reading, and witchdoctors
  • Cause : Not having faith, traditions, experimenting with things, curiosity, and greed
  • Effect : Getting sick, doing horrific things (digging up the dead), agnostic, believing lies, throw your money in the water

6. Hatred :

Def : Very strong/active dislike; hate

  • Description : Racism, favouritism, doesn’t like somebody
  • Cause : Being hurt emotionally, physically, spiritually, pride, uncompromised situations, other people’s sin against, gossip, insecurity, unwilling to forgive
  • Effect : Damaged relationships, loss of love, hardness towards people, crime, spitefulness, war, anger, gossip, dissension’s, factions, immorality, loneliness, disunity, immaturity

7. Discord :

Def : Disagreement, quarrelling, lack of harmony, holding of opposed views, strife

  • Description : Loving to argue, argue with parents, friends, colleagues
  • Cause : Opinionated, pride, arrogance, lack of attention, lack of feeling loved, confused, lack of understanding, not a learner, covering up lies, wrong assumptions
  • Effect : Damaged relationships, loss of love, hardness towards people, crime, spitefulness, war, anger, gossip, dissension’s, factions, immorality, loneliness, disunity, immaturity, unsolved situations, revelations about how people feel, bad feelings, wasting time, wasting money on lawsuits

8. Jealousy :

Def : Feeling or showing fear or resentment of possible rivals in love or affection; feeling or showing resentment of sb’s advantages, achievements; anxiously protective (of one’s rights, belongings, etc); possessive, watchfully tenacious, envious of a person’s advantages

  • Description : Of your girlfriend, don’t like people who gets promoted over you, scared that your stuff will get stolen
  • Cause : Fear, insecurity, lack of trust in God, unthankfulness, selfish ambition, pride, worldly, put your trust in object of being jealous about, assumptions
  • Effect : Lack of trust of people, hurting your loved ones feelings, arguments, seclusion from other people, resentment, lack of friendship, no synergy or working together, stingy

9. Fits of rage :

Def : Short period of an intense feeling; violent anger

  • Description : Outward – Fight physically with people. Inward – Can strangle person, but smile at him and patronise him
  • Cause : Frustration, lack of how to deal with situation, insecure about talking about things, feeling that people have treated you unjustly, if something does not make sense, pride, impatient, 
  • Effects : Hitting your children out of anger, throwing things around, fighting, malicious talking, dissections, hatred, divisions, denominations, murder, rape, imprisonment, death

10. Selfish ambition :

Def : Thinking first of one’s own interests, needs, etc without concern for others; not sharing what one has with others, done from selfish motives, deficient in consideration for others, actuated by self-interest

Strong desire to achieve sth; full of ambition for success or money

  • Description : Will walk over people to get what you want. Stingy. Do things just for yourself.
  • Cause : Protective love, greed, independence, fear, ungratefulness, insecurity that people will love you for what you do rather than who you are, worldliness, selfishness, wrong perspective of success
  • Effect : Have rivals, can’t make friends, trample people to get what you want, when in time of need people will not want to help you, will sin to get what you want, will compromise moral standards, bitterness, unhappy, not fulfilled

11. Dissension’s :

Def : Angry disagreement, disunion, quarrels due to difference of opinion

  • Description : Telling one-person one story and the other person another story in the end the two people fight and you sit back and laugh.
  • Cause : Difference of opinion, jealousy, not submitting, rebellious, selfishness, insecurity
  • Effect : Damaged relationships, loss of love, hardness towards people, crime, spitefulness, war, anger, gossip,  factions, immorality, loneliness, disunity, immaturity, unsolved situations, revelations about how people feel, bad feelings, wasting time, wasting money on lawsuits, ineffective communications and negotiations, win-lose situations, lose-lose situations

12. Factions :

Def : Small united group within a larger one, esp. in politics

  • Description : Group forming. Have a white group here, a black group there and a coloured group here.
  • Cause : Pride in that you think you are better intellectually, spiritually, financially, skin colour that other people, disunity, group forming, war, murder, insecurity due to fear of the other group, gangs, no synergy, ineffective, racism 

13. Envy :

Def : Feeling of discontent caused by sb else’s good fortune or success, esp. when one wishes this for oneself

  • Description : Worse form of jealousy. Do not allow people to have what they have.
  • Cause : Unthankfulness, worldliness, not content with what you have, get your happiness from worldly things, spiritual blindness, not understanding true riches, do not trust God’s plan for your life
  • Effect : Greed, unhappiness, bad plots, bad comebacks, revenge, lying, adultery

14. Drunkenness : 

Def : Excited or confused by alcoholic drink; behaving in a strange and often unpleasant  / uncontrolled way

  • Description : Drinking until your personality changes – fighter, mister nice guy or very quiet.
  • Cause : Insecurity, fear of people, 

15. Orgies : 

Def : Wild party, usu. with a lot of drinking an / or sexual activity; great indulgence in one or more activity

  • Description : Drinking and sleeping around parties

2 Tim 3 : 1 – 5

16. Lovers of themselves :

Def : Partner in a sexual relationship outside marriage; person who likes or enjoys sth specified.

  • Description : You are more important than anybody else is

17. Lovers of money : 

Def : Partner in a sexual relationship outside marriage; person who likes or enjoys sth specified

  • Description : He who loves money, never has money enough. Not content with your pay.

18. Boastful :

Def : Talk (about one’s own achievements, abilities, etc) with too much pride and satisfaction; full of self-praise

  • Description : Tell people all your good points, appreciation comes from people.

19. Proud : 

Def : Feeling or showing justifiable pride ( feeling of pleasure or satisfaction which one gets from doing sth well, from owning sth excellent or widely admired; unjustifiable high opinion of oneself or one’s achievements; knowledge of one’s own worth or character, dignity and self-respect ); having or showing self-respect, dignity or independence; self-important, haughty or arrogant

  • Description : Do not trust people or God. On your own mission. Think you are better than anybody else is. Not surrendered.

20. Abusive :

Def : Make bad or wrong use / treatment of sb / sth; treat sb bad, exploit; speak insultingly to or about sb, attack of words; criticising harshly and rudely

  • Description : People money, time, food, and lodging. Blackmail people emotionally to get what you want.

21. Disobedient to their parents :

Def : Not obedient ( doing what one is told to do, willing to obey )

  • Description : Not listening to their advice, following your own head.

22. Ungrateful :

Def : Not recognising a kindness, service, etc not grateful ( feeling or showing appreciation for sth good done to one, for sth fortunate that happens, etc , thankful ; pleasant, agreeable, comforting )

  • Description : Bitter, unhappy, blaming people

23. Unholy : 

Def : Wicked or sinful; outrageous or excessive; not holy ( devoted to the service of God, morally and spiritually pure )

  • Description : Not set apart, an alien in the world

24. Without love :

Def : Warm liking or affection, affectionate devotion; strong liking for sth

  • Description : Withholding your affection from people, seeing people as enemies instead of satan.

25. Unforgiving : 

Def : Not forgiving ( stops being angry or bitter towards sb or about sth, stop blaming or wanting to punish sb )

  • Description : Hold grudges, bad attitudes, blaming people

26. Slanderous :

Def : (offence of making a) false statement intended to damage sb’s reputation

  • Description : Talk behind peoples backs, talk behind the teacher’s back

27. Without self-control :

Def : Not having, experiencing or showing sth; in the absence of sb / sth, not accompanied by sb / sth

Ability to control one’s behaviour or not to show one’s feelings.

  • Description : Follow your feelings and not doing what is right.

28. Brutal :

Def : Cruel, savage, and merciless

  • Description : Killing animals for nothing, emotionally, no hart

29. Not lovers of the good :

Def : Not good ( High quality, of an acceptable standard, satisfactory; morally acceptable, virtuous; willing to help others, kind; pleasant, agreeable, welcome; not fake or false, genuine; thorough, complete, sound; beneficial, wholesome; suitable, appropriate )

  • Description : Don’t love reading your bible, praying, giving to the needy, making disciple’s, etc.

30. Treacherous :

Def : Behaving with or showing treachery; dangerous, ESP. when seeming to be safe; betraying a person or cause, ESP. secretly

  • Description : Betraying a trust.

31. Rash : 

Def : Acting or done without careful consideration of the possible consequences, impetuous

  • Description : Speeding, acting on your emotions without thinking about it.

32. Conceited :

Def : Excessive pride in oneself or in one’s powers, abilities, etc; cleverly-phrased witty expression

  • Description : Just want to do things your way, cause your way is best.

33. Lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God :

Def : Pleasure ( State of feeling of being happy or satisfied )

  • Description : Rather do fun things than be a disciple.

34. Having a form of Godliness but denying its power : 

Def : Form (outward physical appearance of sb / sth; particular manner of behaving, speaking, or writing that is normally required or expected)

Godly (loving and obeying God, deeply religious)

Denying (say that sth is not true; refuse to give sb, or prevent sb from having (sth asked for or wanted); say that one knows nothing about sth, refuse to acknowledge)

Power (ability to do or act; strength or energy behind or contained in sth; control over other)

  • Description : Being religious and not righteous.

Mark 7 : 20 – 23

35. Evil thoughts : 

Def : Morally bad, wicked; very unpleasant or harmful

Intention; Consideration, care; Thinking

  • Description : Lust, bad attitudes, distrust, and bitter

36. Theft :

Def : Stealing: Take (another person’s property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it.

  • Description : Steal with your eyes, taking stuff that is not your own

37. Murder :

Def : Unlawful killing of a human being intentionally

  • Description : Getting angry with someone, calling someone names. Physically killing someone.

38. Adultery :

Def : Voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and sb who is not that person’s husband of wife

  • Description : Sleep with married people, affair

39. Greed :

Def : Excessive and selfish desire for wealth, power, food, etc.

  • Description : Just wanting more and more.

40. Malice : 

Def : Desire to harm others

  • Description : Love hurting others by what you say, do. Gossiping.

41. Deceit :

Def : Deliberately leading sb to believe or accept sth that is false, usu. so as to get sth for oneself; dishonest; misleading

  • Description : Not saying how you really feel, want to look good.

42. Lewdness :

Def : Treating sexual matters in a vulgar or indecent way; lustful

  • Description : In what clothes you wear. The way and what you talk about women / men.

43. Arrogance :

Def : Behaving in a proud and superior manner; showing too much pride in oneself and too little consideration for others

  • Description : Not to consider other people’s feelings and plans

44. Folly :

Def : Foolishness, lack of wisdom; unwise act; lacking good sense or judgement, silly, stupid; made to feel or look ridiculous and embarrassed

  • Description : Skipping stop streets and robots. Do things without thinking.

Rev 21 : 8

45. Cowardly :

Def : Person who lacks courage; person who runs away from danger; fearfulness

  • Description : Scared to invite people to church. More scared of people than God. People pleasing.

46. Unbelieving :

Def : Lack of belief or state of not believing, ESP. in God, religion; not believing (feels sure of the truth of sth, accept the statement of sb as true) , doubting

  • Description : No deeds and not dealing with doubts but believing them.

47. Vile :

Def : Extremely disgusting; despicable on moral grounds, corrupt; extremely bad

  • Description : Dirty jokes, everything is just about sex.

48. Practise magic arts :

Def : Practise (does sth repeatedly or regularly in order to improves one’s skill)

Magic (Power o apparently using supernatural forces to change the form of things or influence events; superstitious practices based on this)

Arts (Creation or expression of sth beautiful, ESP. in a visual form, e.g. painting, sculpture; skill or ability that can be learnt by practise)

  • Description: Fore Fathers Ghosts, Withcraft, Sangoma

49. Liars :

Def : Make a statement one knows to be untrue; give a false impression, be deceptive

  • Description: Half lie, white lie, not telling the truth, telling a half truth, hiding information for self gain or presevation.

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