6.4. Confession – Heart – Deep Convictions

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"It does not spoil your happiness to confess your sin. The unhappiness is in not making the confession."

Charles Spurgeon

1. The Movie:

In the movie “The Prince & Me” starring Julia StilesLuke Mably, and Ben Miller, with Miranda RichardsonJames Fox, and Alberta Watson. The film focuses on Paige Morgan, a pre-med college student in Wisconsin, who is pursued by a prince posing as a normal college student. At college Paige meets Eddie, a fellow student from Denmark, whom she first dislikes but later accepts, likes, and loves; he proves to be Crown Prince Edvard. Paige follows him to Copenhagen, and he follows her back to school with a plan.

2. Quotes from the Movie:

"Page was trying to create the life she always wanted. Sometimes I wish I can just fast forward to the next five years and be done with med school."

Moderator and Julia Stiles - The Prince and Me

“Edward was trying to avoid the life he didn't choose.”

Moderator - The Prince and Me

“At this point forward, I do not want you to address me as The Prince, but you will address me as Eddie.”

Luke Mably - The Prince and Me

"'You and your beyest are enjoying your beg your pardon.' He was quoting Shakespeare like some duke lord guy. I have phonies like that."

Luke Mably & Julia Stiles - The Prince and Me

"I don't think that has ever happened to me before. You have never been attacted to anyone who didn't know that you are a prince before."

Luke Mably & Ben Miller - The Prince and Me

"I think he is hot. I don't want to get distracted right now."

Julia Stiles - The Prince and Me

"I have never felt this way before."

Julia Stiles - The Prince and Me

"Prince Edward. Go, go, go. You are a prince and that is why they are taking photo's of us? Yes. You lied to me. I did not want to be Prince Edward for once in my life. Page wait. Stay away from me."

The Press, Luke Mably & Julia Stiles - The Prince and Me

"Chemistry isn't just in a class kiddo and you guys have it."

Alberta Watson - The Prince and Me

"Where is Eddie. O you mean Prince o my triskets did not replace them. He left after his last final."

Julia Stiles & Devin Ratray - The Prince and Me

"Oh no. What? You did not tell me your were living with your parents."

Luke Mably & Julia Stiles - The Prince and Me

"She is a commoner. Mother you cannot tell me who to love and how to live my life."

Miranda Richardson & Luke Mably - The Prince and Me

"I suck at this! Being royal requires you to sacrifice who you are to who you must be."

Julia Stiles & Miranda Richardson - The Prince and Me

"You belong here not me. What about us."

Luke Mably & Julia Stiles - The Prince and Me

"What if there is a handsome prince, but he makes you laugh and is a really good kisser."

Julia Stiles - The Prince and Me

"Am I suppose to be able to breathe? No. Well then it is perfect!"

Julia Stiles & Joanne Baron - The Prince and Me

Ahh love and being married to a Prince is every girls dream Hans, but it comes with living a double life to keep other people happy. Sometimes we want a certain life, but then reality steps in. We do not always want to be in a  certain situation because it is hard, it can either be a tough life or royal life for that matter of fact. We even coax other people into this dream life we envision for ourselves and do not want to face reality. 

Our first impressions Hans sometimes is reality, but we choose to ignore it and pretend to live the dream life. In our dream life we expect to be treated in a certain way and if that does not happen as expected we get really confused. With Page her emotions was pulling in one direction, but her dream life did not allow her to get distracted. She had to come to terms and accept her reality not the dream she envisioned for herself. When the reality meets the dream, that is a shocking experience that normally catches us off guard and our dream / pretend world is shattered. 

We need some wise people in our lives that can help us steer the coarse ahead and make realistic decisions. Have you  come to terms with reality and reaches out?. Then the lies we have been telling other people come to the fore and the dream world does not seem like the dream world any more. Sometimes other peoples reality expectations of us, derail our dream world that we long for ourselves. The reality calls you to live in the here and now and you feel out of depth. We would like to stay in the dream world but reality brings us back to earth every time. 

Reality calls us to make sacrifices and step out of our dream world. Our spiritual life it is very much the same. We don’t want to struggle with sin, but then we do sin and do not want to get open about it because that will tarnish our “reputation” that we are upholding of being able to be in control of everything. We need to come back from our fake mask dream and live in the here and now Hans, which is hard and reveals our weaknesses. So in conclustion, do you live the fake dream live or do you have the guts and faith to live the real life?

3. The Bible Scriptures:

Todays study is a continuation of the previous days’. 

– Hans without reading psalm 32 and 51, can you give a brief summary of what you have been considering?

Psalm 32:
  • Francois I am blessed if my sins are forgiven.
  • I am blessed if there is no deceit in my spirit.
  • If I do not confess my sin I will waste away and groan.
  • Then I will have no energy and God’s hand will be on me.
  • When I decide Francois to confess my sin and do it, God forgives the guilt of my sin.
  • People may pray for you and your repentance.
  • God will protect me and lead in the way I should go and counsel me.
  • I should not be stubborn like a horse / donkey that does not want to be ridden.
  • If I trust you Lord and confess my sin, I will not be like the ungodly filled with depression.
  • I will rejoice and be glad and righteous; if I confess my sins while I sing to the Lord.
Psalm 51:
  •  Only God can forgive my sin through His great compassion.
  • People might not know my sin Francois but I know my sin and it haunts me.
  • In essence, I have sinned against God ultimately and He is right when he judges me because I am guilty.
  • If God cleases me I will be whiter than snow. 
  • I will be joyful if I confess my sin.
  • God forgets my sin when I confess them.
  • Only God can create a pure heart in me.
  • Only God can give me the strength to life a steadfast life.
  • If I do not confess my sin, I will loose the Holy Spirit and not have a relationship with God Francois.

– When David saw sin in his life, he was broken and contrite over that sin. What does that mean? 

  • Well Francois the dictionary meaning for broken states: “A person having given up all hope, despairing.”, “separate into pieces as a result of a blow, shock, or strain.”, failing to observe (a law, regulation, or agreement) and “crush the emotional strength, spirit or resistance of (a person)
  • The dictionary meaning for contrite states: “feeling or expressing remorse at the recognition that one has done wrong.”
  • So to put it together means he has given up all hope and having remorse at his sin that he had done wrong.
  • Our heart of stone should be replaced by a broken and contrite heart so God can form in us a pure, clean and healthy heart that serves Him fully. (Eze 11:19)

– Hans, David confessed his sin. Why is confession “good for the soul?” and bring healing?

  • Confession is “good for the soul” when it is followed by taking responsibility for what one has done.
  • Help, love and support from others leads to getting out of the dumps, resulting in relief and strength in God.
  • Sin, death and illness are partners. Healing of the body, soul and spirit bring about holiness.
  • Being healed by confession is written down in the Bible, but it seems like you have to confess your sins to people, not just to one another as we have seen before. (Jms 5:16)

– Who did David confess to Hans? 

  • Francois he wrote a psalm that even today it was converted into a song, “Create in me a pure heart God”.
  • He made it public knowledge as he did with most of his prayers.
  • Like we said, it is always harder to confess to a person what you have done because that brings forward a feeling of embarrassment about what we have done wrong.
  • It is fairly easy to confess to God because we feel He will always forgive us, but are we broken and contrite?
  • Confessing to a person really help us to understand on an emotional level how God must feel about our sin.

– What did you learn earlier about confession from 1 Jn 1:9? Memorize this verse.

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” – 1 Jn 1:9

  • What I have learned from confession Francois is that God will forgive our sins and purify us from all our unrighteousness.
  • It even said that confessing our sin bring out God’s faithfulness and justice, nailing our sins to the cross of Jesus.

– Look at James 5:16. You will be tempted to not let this be happening in your life, but you must remember how right it is. Also memorize this verse.

“Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” – Jms 5:16

  • Ahh I see, so I need to confess my sins to my brothers / sisters, so that they can pray for my healing. 
  • It seems like Francois you are spiritually sick, if you have unconfessed sin in your life.
  • God also say, that a righteous man’s prayer is powerful and effective. 

– None of this is to write a rule that says “you must confess every sin to some other person.” But isn’t it clear God’s people need to have a confessing attitude? Isn’t it clear that hearts cannot be pure where there is hiddenness or deception?

  • Francois I would say to maintain a clear conscience you got to confess your sin or you will stay sick spiritually.
  • The question I ask my self is; why would I not want to confess my sin? Am I embarrased by it? Do I think my brother will split on me? Will I be embarrased? What will people say? Will they still want to be my friend?
  • I would say that not wanting to have a clear conscience means that I want to be deceitful, when God says I need to confess my sin.
  • Why carry that guilt with me Francois, when I can be forgiven of my guilt by confessing and be joyful not feeling sorry for myself? 

– What is your attitude towards confession? Do you see it as an opportunity or a burden?

  • I know confession is not easy, it is not the natural thing to do.
  • Someone once said; he’d rather look bad before people and look good before God.
  • God knows us better than we know ourselves, if He says I need to confess my sin I need to trust Him.
  • In the end it boils down to a matter of trust, do I trust God.
  • Francois if you look at people going to phycologist and trying to get mentally healed, confession is free in God’s kingdom and a great bonus.
  • Not just that but people can pray for your weaknesses to be healed, unless you don’t believe in the power of prayer. 
  • It is a burden when your end result is to be deceitful by not confessing your sin and not change to be the best man for God.
  • It is an awesome opportunity and blessing to get healed, get advice and learn to overcome your sin.
  • The bonus is that God forgives us and clear our consciences; for the guys is is like a petrol filter that takes out the junk, to keep the car running smoothly.

4. Close

– Hans the real christian exposes the ugly truth about his/her sin which show’s our need for God. We will never have a clear conscience if we do not confess our sins to each other. If we do not keep a clear conscience we will shipwreck our faith (1 Tim 1:19). I know that if we do not have a clear conscience that we cannot love people seeing it is a prerequisite for love (1 Tim 1:5).
  • My goodness Francois that is very convicting; that I can shipwreck my faith by not confessing my sin before God and man to have a clear conscience (Acts 24:16). 

– Yes Hans it is. Would you like to close us out with a prayer. 

  • Francois I think it is your turn.

– True, true. Ok let’s pray.

– Dear Lord.

– I thank you God for another day great day! 

– I know that every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around in my life.

– Lord I do confess there are certain things that still bug my conscience.

– Help me to make sure I have a clear conscience so I can love You and people. 

– Father I do know that I sin on a daily basis even if I do not realize it.

– Saying that, all people sin and fall short of Your glory (Rom 3:2).

– Lord I know there is nothing to be ashamed of to confess my sin. 

– I rather should be ashamed that I do not confess my sin and live a deceitful double life pretending that I am not sinful and everything is “hunky-dory”.

– Father if I do not confess my sin to You and people, I am just like the religeous Pharisee who Jesus call white washed tombs and hypocrites. They look beautiful on the outside “but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean” (Mat 23:27-28).

– Father I want to live a righteous life with a clear conscience.

– Thanks for answering my prayer.



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