Part 3: I only have to believe, then I am saved! – Joh 3:16

Am I really saved when I ask Jesus to come live in my heart? - I only have to believe, then I am saved!
  • I’m just thinking of an example; how many of us believe we are going to lose weight if we go on a diet?
  • Comeeeee onnnnn! Raise your hand !!! (laughs) Yes we all who have a brain believe that.
  • Who of us really applies it? If you see that “T bone steak”, “potato bake”, sweet potatoes with “mashmallows” on Saturday night, that diet flies out the door just there. (Your mouth is watering now, mine too as I write this)
  • So the fact that it is true that diet makes you lose weight is so true.
  • What do you think if someone tells you a diet does not work. You will think he is really stupid hey!
  • Well it’s the same with faith, if it does not go over to action; then it really does means nothing.
  • I can believe how hard, I am going to lose weight; but if I do not apply that diet then I will keep on rolling. (chuckle, chuckle)
  • Is God lying when He says the road is narrow and those who walk on it are few?
  • I am certain that by this time in the world 80% of people believe that Jesus existed.
  • Do they also go to heaven?
  • So you can see that faith has a deeper meaning than what appears on the surface.
  • Is it true that God loved the world and that He gave His one and only Son so that all who believe in Him would be saved, but that cannot be that we just have to believe then we are saved?
  • The next verse will make this even clearer to us.
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