Part 2 : Am I a child of God if I believe and accept him? – John 1:12

Am I really saved when I ask Jesus to come live in my heart? Am I a child of God if I believe and accept him?
  • Majority of people will say yes; for this is how we were taught and brought up in the church by the pastor who who has been trained in the Bible for years.
  • It is interesting when one reads carefully it says that if we “receive him and believe” in Jesus he gives us the right to “become children”.
  • When I want to become a doctor surely I have to prove myself to study hard and complete my practical year and pass before people can call me a doctor!
  • Then it surely means that I am not a doctor yet when I am going to become one.
  • I can certainly not call myself a doctor if I start studying; but who is going to pay me money to examine them and give a prescription for medicines.
  • Okay maybe maybe your mom (laughs).
  • The same with this scripture, if I have the right to become a Christian surely I am not a Christian yet!
  • There are a few things further, I need to do.
  • Wow, so if I believed I was a Christian then it’s must be quite a shock!
  • Right, so I now have the right to become a child, but how then do I become a child?
  • Another question you can think about is what are the prerequisites before I can become a child of God.
  • If I want to study medicine, then surely there is a selection process I have to go through!
  • So there are some things, I am going to have to study out!
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