9.5. I only need to confess Jesus as my Saviour and Redeemer and then believe I will be saved! – Rom 10:9-10

Am I really saved when I ask Jesus to come live in my heart? - I only need to confess Jesus as my Saviour and Redeemer and then believe I will be saved!
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Read Time:6 Minute, 4 Second
  • Jan I see the following unfold in my mind’s eye.
  • The pastor delivered a fantastic moving message.
  • After the service, the pastor asks if there might be someone who wants to give his heart to the lords or dedicate themselves to God.
  • About 5% of the congregation walk forward to the pulpit and the people are very excited; because here today people are going to be saved?
  •  All who have come forward; pray a forgive my sins prayer and everyone is happy they have dedicated themselves to the Lord. 
  • There is cake and tea afterwards and all who have come forward are congratulated that they have now become part of the Christian community.
  • Wonderful hey; if you consider traditions to be good? I agree?
  • Do you know that you do not find examples of people in the Bible who are saved like this in the New Testament?
  • It’s a wonderful experience, I’ve done it twice in my life.
  • Once the dedication and the other time the rededication.
  • I’m sure Jan you’ve experienced it in your life too!
  • But the question is; does it carry any water when it comes to God?
  • Let’s have a nice conversation about this Jan.
  • I’m going to ask you a lot of questions and if you can answer it from the Bible it’s great.
  •  So do you know when to confess Jesus as Lord according to the Bible? Quite an interesting topic to study out.
  • Have you ever studied in the Bible how God saves you, or is this the only verse you know?
    • When are your sins forgiven?
    • When do you receive the Holy Spirit?
    • Are there prerequisites for being saved?
    • Do I have to meet all the prerequisites in the Bible before I can be saved? If I bake a cake and I forget to put the eggs in the oven the first time, can I just add them after the time and then put them back in the oven?
    • What are the prerequisites I have to meet? If you want to go to study at University, there are certainly prerequisites, why would it be different with God? Or is God much simpler in your books?
  • So this is how you were born again by the water and the Spirit when you confessed your sins before the pulpit? What does the water and the Spirit mean according to the Bible. Is it important for you to be born again too? How does that rebirth happen if I now confess my sins in front of the pulpit? (Jn 3: 1-6)
  • The reason I ask these other questions is; many times people pull the Bible out of context and they do not read what went on before in the book as well as other matching verses that deal with the same topic.
  • Can I point out God’s Good News to people in the Bible’s in 5 verses? (Rom 1:16)
  • Do I know how God saves me? How am I buried with Jesus in his death so that I can rise to a new life? (Rom 6: 3-4)
  • What is God’s plan of salvation? Do I have to be a disciple? (Mat 28:18-20) Should I repent and be baptized? (Acts 2:38) Should I have faith in my baptism that God saves me there? (Col 2: 11-12)
  • Do you read your Bible because faith comes through reading God’s words. (Rom 10:17)
  • When was the last time I read my Bible? Do you think you can have faith without reading your Bible?
  • Do I have a noble character when it comes to studying the Bible? (Acts 17:10-12)
  • Has God handed you over to your sin of sexual impurity; masterbation, sex with people you are not married to, watching blue / pornographic movies? (Rom 1:24)
  • Are you working to just get more and more money, are you greedy for money? (Rom 1:29)
  • Do you approve of your friends leading sinful lives by descending to their level? (Rom 1:32)
  • As the verse says it is not the hearers of the law who are righteous before God but the doers of the law. (Rom 2:13)
  • Are you a listener or doer of God’s Word? Are you set free because you to what the Bible says?
  • Well, I think practically it can mean I can go to church (hearer), but not do what the Bible says (doer) which means I do not go to heaven because I am not righteous before God.
  •  I’m not going to take a single verse from the Bible out of context to prove my point. You have to research something properly if you really want to know what’s going on!
  • I have to go look at matching verses that the Bible says on the same subject.
  • Can you say you have really studied out the subject of salvation already? If you are studying to become a doctor, do you do it in an afternoon or over a few years?
  • Did you go and see what the different churches say about how to be saved? What do you agree with and what do you disagree with as well as what is your evidence that you disagreement. Can you prove your point of view from the Bible with verses or is it just your opinion?
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