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Bible Talk – An Approved Worker

* Ice Breaker: Please tell us your name and what is the best job you had in your life?

  • Remember the interview you went to for that job?

Q. What was the first question they asked your?

Q. How were you feeling through the interview?

Q. How did you feel when you received that offer?

Q. So if you have to inverview someone for a very important position in your company what are some qualities that you would expect that person to have?

– Honest, hard working, expert in his line of field, loyal, good communicator etc. 

Q. Why would you look for those qualities in the person?

– Well we want our company to function well, non experience too many problems, the reason we appointed the person was to solve a problem. 

Q. How can we train to be an approved workman for God?

– Have great quiet times daily, examines the scriptures, study them, study the Bible with people. 

Q. So what does it say when we are not an approved workman?

– We don’t really care about our job, we are not interested, that is not really what we want to be!

Q. What does it mean to correctly handle the word of truth?

– Know how to study the Bible with people, know how to deal with different problems, etc. 

Q. How quickly would you want to be the best workman in that great job?

– If you really love the work, you will do the work it requires to be the best?

– So the question is do you really love to be a worker for God who works towards being an approved worker?

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