Bible Talk – Do it or Nottt?

Be so good they can't ignore you!
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Read Time:2 Minute, 57 Second

* Ice Breaker: Please tell us your name and your best vacation at the sea?

  • What are somethings you know you should do but try to avoid doing them?

    • Wash the dishes.
    • Do maintenance on your car.
    • Pay your taxes.
    • Going to work. 
  • What happened when you didn’t do it?

    • You got a mountain of cultery and plates lying around in your house. 
    • You could not get to work because your car broke down.
    • SARS starts sending you messages. 
  • Why did you not want to do it?

    • Boring.
    • Did not want to spend money.
  • Did not doing it affect anyone else.

    • Yes.
  • What did Jonah avoid doing?
    • Going to Nineveh.
    •  Preaching to them.
  • Why did he not want to do it?
    • The Assirians killed Israelites.
    • Fear of the Assirians. 
    • Waste of time.
    • Did I really hear the word of the Lord, or was it a dream?
  • Who did Jonah’s actions affect?
    • His shipmates.
    • The people in Nineveh.
  • What are you avoiding to do for GOD?
    • Repent of sin.
    • Share my faith.
  • Why?
    • I am not convicted of sin. 
    • Lazyness.
    • Don’t know who God is.
    • Fear of what other people would say.
    • Ashamed.
    • Don’t plan.
  • Who is being affected by your refusal to do what GOD is asking of you?
    • Family.
    • Friends.
    • People who haven’t become Christians.
  • Will you do what GOD ask of you knowing that your refusal will affect others negativity?
    • Yes.
    • We we are not disciplined.
    • So that is why we are lazy. The lazy servant was thrown out of the vineyard. 
    • When we are lazy we do not study our Bibles.
    • When we do not study our Bibles we do not have faith.
    • When I do not have faith I do not please God and I do not share my faith. 

Learn what GOD expects of you by studying the Bible and do not run away for any reason.

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