Bible Talk – What / Who is my Treasure?

“The quality of your life will be determined by the quality of your contribution. When you work to improve the lives of others, your life improves automatically.” – Kurek Ashley

* Ice Breaker: Please tell us your name and what is the biggest gift you have ever given to anybody?

Q. Have you ever been on a treasure hunt?

Q. Why is it so exiting?

– You might win money! Find something you had never had before! It is like winning something which you havent paid for. 

Q. What kind of treasures do we store up for ourselves on earth?

– Fancy houses, fancy cars, go on holiday all the time, clothes, etc. 

Q. Why do we store up treasures for ourselves on earth?

– Want to look good before the Joneses, our focus is not on heaven, we lack faith, we lack conviction, we are worldly.

Q. What are some treasures we can store up for ourselves in heaven?

– Souls, working on our character, give financially to the church so we can win more souls.

Q. So what plans can you make to store up treasures in heaven?

– Do a walkathon to raise money, do a raffle to raise money, save money to give, sell some good that you don’t need in your house.

Q. So if our treasure is not in heaven, where our heart at?

– In the world, worldly ambitions, want to please people.

Q. Why is it important that our hearts are with God?

– It shows that we love him, if we live for the world we will not go to heaven, loving money leads to foolish and harmful desires. 

Q. Any last thoughts or feedback?


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