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Cohabitation, Worldly and a Godly Marriage


  • Rational
  • Thought Based
  • Goal: Joy
  • Goal: Pleasure of Another
  • Sex as expression of Love
  • Love as a Choice
  • Unconditional
  • Controversy Processed
  • Divorce is not an Option
  • Marriage is Living Promise
  • Love is what we do
  • You/Us
  • Forever
  • Secure


  • Irrational
  • Feeling Based
  • Goal: Happiness
  • Goal: Self-Pleasure
  • Sex an Act of Passion
  • Love as Feeling
  • Conditional
  • Controversy Avoided
  • Divorce is an Option
  • Marriage is Piece of Paper
  • Love is what we do … until something better comes along
  • Me
  • For as long as it feels good
  • Insecure

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