Giving Contribution

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant." - Robert Louis Stevenson
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  • Lay down your life.
  • Has pity or mercy.
  • Love the person.
  • Love with actions & in truth.
  •  Live a selfish life.
  •  Cruel or Ruthless.
  • Hate the person.
  • “Love” with words and speech.
  •  Hard work helps the weak.
  • More blessed to give. 
  • Lazyness helps nobody.
  • Less blessed waiting to receive.
  •  Stores up treasures in heaven.
  •  Moths and vermin do not destroys your treasures.
  • Thieves cannot break in and steal.
  • Heart focussed on heaven wealth.
  • Store up treasures on earth.
  • Moths and vermin destroys your treasures.
  • Thieves will break in and steal.
  • Heart focussed on earthly wealth.
  • Whole tithe.
  • Test God in this.
  • Open floodgates of heaven. 
  • So much blessing. 
  • It will be so much you cannot put it into a room and not count them. 
  • Deminished tithe.
  • Lack of trust in God, makes you not test Him.
  • Closed floodgates of heaven.
  • Few blessings. 
  • You can count them. 
  •  Do good. 
  • Share with others. 
  • Sacrifice for God. 
  • God is pleased.
  •  Do nothing or do bad things.
  • Be selfish and keep everything for yourself.
  • Stingy towards God. 
  • God does not feel special.
  •  Freely give what I freely have received from God. 
  • You understand that God has given to you. 
  •  Keep everything I have freely received like the Dead Sea. 
  •  Trust God completely for your sustenance is giving all to God. 
  •  Don’t trust God for your sustenance but rather create your own. 
  •  Give here and now what he has. 
  •  Will give to God some day. 
  •  Giving in secret. 
  • Give to God. 
  •  Annouce your giving with trumpets to be honored by others. 
  • You give to be seen. 
  • Worldly Man
  • Love of Self.
  • Arrogant and put their hope in wealth.
  • They provide everything for their enjoyment. 
  • Do bad, poor in good deeds, stingy & not willing to share. 
  • Lay up a treasure for themselves in hell. 
  • Live a superficial false life. 
  • Godly Man
  • Love of God and people.
  • Humble and put their hope in God. 
  • God provides everything for our enjoyment. 
  • Do good, be rich in good deeds, generous & willing to share. 
  • Lay up treasure for yourself in heaven. 
  • Take hold of the life, that is truly life. 

Good morning family. I would like to thank Andrew and Patrique for giving me the opportunity to share about contribution this morning. 


I love the Scripture that Francois just read as it just reminds me not to put my hope in wealth which is so uncertain but to put my hope in God who richly provides us with everything. At the beginning of last year everything was going well financially with our family. Then the pandemic started and amongst so many other changes it brought to our lives, it also brought great uncertainty with regards to our financial stability. The future is always uncertain but I felt this fear take hold of my heart about what is going to happen to our sources of income. I remember just how anxious I felt but then I decided to put my hope in God instead. 


My husband Francois had to stay at home as his company closed but I was an essential worker and continued to work and earn an income. For that I was extremely grateful. But still due to a reduction in turnover there was one month where my employers could not pay our full salaries. For the month that Francois stayed at home he also only earned less than 20% of his usual monthly income. But God still provided. We never missed a payment on our rent, we never went to bed hungry and most importantly we could pay our contribution diligently each week in spite of this. 


Then special contribution came closer and I remember just wondering how will we manage to contribute such a large sum in these uncertain times? We found some things in our garage that we do not use anymore and tried to sell them on Facebook market place. But our dreams of raising the money to reach our goal were shattered when we managed to sell only one chair! But then about a month before the deadline for special contribution my employers paid us back the money that they could not pay us earlier in the year. I was so amazed! They did not have to do that but they did. And God was providing for us so much that we did not actually need that money. And then SARS was also kind enough to pay me back some money as well. 


So God provided us with money for special contribution as well as these 2 amounts allowed us to meet our pledge. It was so amazingly faith building to see God work and to see this Scripture in action. 


So sisters I would like to ask you this morning: where do you put your hope? Is your hope in your wealth, which is so uncertain, or is it in God who richly provides us with everything?

  • Giving is doing a beautiful thing for people. 
  • Is a memorable thing and story that people will tell others. 
  • Do a cruel thing to people. 
  • Is a sad story to be told. 
  • Sows generously & Reap generously.
  • Decide in your heart what to give. 
  • Give willingly.
  • Give freely. 
  • Cheerful giver. 
  • God blesses abundantly in all things at all times. 
  • Have all that you need. 
  • Abound in every good work. 
  • Sows sparingly & Reap sparingly.
  • Decide not to give.
  • Give reluctantly. 
  • Give under compulsion. 
  • Depressed giving. 
  • Not blessed by God
  • Lack in what you need. 
  • Don’t do good works. 
  • Good comes to you.
  • Generous.
  • Lend freely. 
  • Conduct with justice.
  • Bad comes to you.
  • Stingy.
  • Lend begrudgingly.
  • Conduct is with injustice. 

Being reliable is one of the most valued traits in a person. Put simply, being reliable means that if you say you will do something, you will do it. People who can be trusted to follow through in the little things are the people we trust with the bigger things – The Beta Mode

What is a reliable person? A reliable person is someone who keeps their word. It’s someone that when they say that they will do something, they are doing it, no questions asked. It’s someone that we can count on because they always did what they said they would and they never let you down –

Calling something reliable means you can count on it to come through when you need it; it’s dependable. If you’re headed out for an around-the-world sailing trip, hopefully your lifejacket is reliable. You can certainly rely on something reliable because it’s trustworthy and responsible –

So what is the alternative?

Let us consider the alternative by looking at the Bible verse the other way!

Does not sound very encouraging, does it?

#1 A Trustworthy Person

Are you a trustworthy person?

Trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. As a trustworthy person you talk straight, show concern for others, are transparent, consider others opinions, are loyal, take responsibility, stick to what you say, deliver results and have a yes attitude. So your word is your bond and when you commit to something you stick to it. 

What are some words that describes a untrustworthy person?

Dishonest, immature, false, inaccurate, irresponsible, lying, misleading, unrealistic, unreliable, untruthful & undependable. 

#2 A Reliable Person

What are some word that describe a reliable person?

Decent, decisive, dependable, good, honest, positive, predictable, respectable, safe, sincere, solid, stable, strong, true, careful, constant, determined, devoted, faithful, firm, high-principled, honorable, incorrupt, loyal, reputable, responsible, righteous, steadfast, sure, tried, true hearted, unfailing and upright.

What is an unreliable person like?

Make appointments but do not keep them. They say yes to you but actually means no. People cannot trust the person version of the story, in essence they lie to please people. They are naïve enough to think people will believe their wilful lies, but over time people realize their words are meaningless. They have an inability to deal with reality and like living in their own dream world. They do not get far in life and will never to be able to a Real Christian unless they change.

#3 A Qualified Person

What is an qualified person like?

They have a positive attitude about life, they are going somewhere. Being a team player they realize the whole is bigger than the sum of one. Having goals in their life they want to achieve them and enable them to be self-motivated. They realize nothing comes from nothing and have a strong work ethic. They are dependable, detail orientated and a good communicator. 

What are some words for a unqualified person?

Inadequate, incapable, ineligible, inexperienced, unfit, unprepared, unskilled, amateur, bush-league, disqualified, ill-equipped, not up to, enequipped & unfitted. 

#4 Able to Teach

What are some word that describe an able to teach person?

Coach, develop, explain, instruct, lecture, show, train, tutor, brief, communicate, discipline, enlighten, illustrate, interpret, nurture, school, give instruction, give lesson, give the facts, improve mind and show the ropes.

What is the opposite of being able to teach?

You mislead, confuse, misdirect, neglect, abandon, destroy and ignore people.

So in summary a reliable person is someone who is trustworthy, qualified and able to teach.

An unreliable person is dishonest, a wilful liar, an amateur, incapable and destroys people.

Choose wisely which one will honor God. We all have to grow in this area, but it takes a

decisive person to choose to please God rather than his sinful nature.

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