Part 9 – Am I saved when I was born a Christian into a Christian Family – Mat 28:18-20

Am I really saved when I ask Jesus to come and live in my heart? - Can the door to my heart be opened to Jesus and thus be saved and go to heaven?
  • Well my father taught us that we are Christians in a Christian family.
  • As far as I can remember I have always been going to church.
  • I was baptized as a baby.
  • I went to Sunday school classes my whole life.
  • My mom, dad and I sang in the choir.
  • My dad was a deacon and served on the building commision for the church.
  • Some of our friends was the church members.
  • I was confirmed in the church and then I could take communion.
  • Yes I had some vices like smoking, drinking, looking at stuff on the internet but “every” Christian is not perfect.
  • I even invited Jesus into my heart twice.
  • Jesus says in vers 19 to go and make disciples.
  • So we know that a disciple = Christian. (Acts 11:25-26)
  • So in essence Jesus is saying “go make Christians” of all nations.
  • It is clear then that God wants all men to be Christians.
  • But I want to focus on the word “Make”, make christians.
  • According to the Oxford Dictionary the definition for make is:
    • form (something) by putting parts together or combining substances; create.
    • cause (something) to exist or come about; bring about.
  • So it is to form something to exist.
  • So can I be a Christian by default? Disciples / Christian are not born, but they are made according to the Bible.
  • Let me illustrate, say that you are a medical doctor by profession.
  • Were you born a medical doctor?
  • No you had to pass school first to get selected to study for a doctor if you mark were very good.
  • Then you had to do 6 years of studying at University to pass your course.
  • Then you had to do a year practical in a hospital to get some experience.
  • Only then when the board approves you, you can be called a medical doctor.
  • So you see you had to be made into a medical doctor.
  • The same with becoming a Christian, you have to be made into one.
  •  Ok so first you get made into a disciple / christian!
  • What does the Bible say should we do next.
  • So further in vers 19 it says the disciples should be baptized, baptizing them.
  • Who is the them, it is the guy you just made a disciple / chrisitan.
  • Why must I be baptized after I become a disciple? Now that is a very good question I must say! Contact me to study that out. 
  • So I am just thinking I cannot make a baby into a disciple! Babies just “they just eat and poop and they cry” like Shrek said in the movie.
  • So did Jesus say baptize babies or disciples / Christian, I think it is clear it is disciples / Christian; which you have to be first made into before getting baptized.
  • Well lets get back to the scripture, vers 20 says I must “teach them to obey”.
  •  I found a nice illustration on
  • No, Jesus clearly says we need to teach them to obey.
  • So I think we are very familiar with being taugh at school.
  • Being taught to obey is a different kettle of fish.
  • It means like Jesus walked with His disciples, it is a hands on training or an apprenticeship.
  • It is like your kids growing up and you as a dad or mom teach them the ropes of life.
  • I taught my daugter the other day to fasten her shoes, by tying her shoelaces. 
  • Was she born making her shoelaces? It is a bit ridiculous thinking that way, but that is how we sometimes think we became a Christian.
  • So we need to teach the newly baptized disciple / christian to obey everything.
  • That means we have to have a mentor in our lives every day to teach us the ropes.
  • Find out what it really means to be a disciple which appears about +- 270 times in the BIble!
  • The words baptism, baptisms, baptize, baptized, baptizest, baptizeth and baptizing appears altogether a 100 times in the Bible. Have you studied out all those verses?
  • Feel free to contact me on Whatsapp +27 79 481 8989 to discuss the topic further.

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