Life’s priorities

Will achieving all the goals we set for ourselves makes us happy and fulfilled? One guy once said that Solomon, he calls him Solly had everything his heart desire. But that he kept on getting more wives and more horses and more projects to keep him busy. So I take it that wealth, women and projects does not fulfill you. But what does? What did Solomon say in his epilogue? “Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man”. Will I also say after I have achieved everything I want to: “Everything is meaningless, meaningless, meaningless says the teacher”. What did Steven Coven say: “Keep the main thing, the main thing” or “First things first”. Having a birds eye view is always a good thing. You might see what happens not just now but further down the road. Things might be really calm riding this part of the river but the might be a rapid or a waterfall approaching that you need to be prepared for. The problem might be that we get so comfortable and busy that we start forgetting about God. In the end that is really what it is all about. Our priorities changes from day to day because we on different paths all the time during the phases of our life. So all we can do is the best to make a living but make sure we work on things that has a eternal value. Mindmaps help us to make sure we reorganize and prioritise our lives.

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