5.5. What is amiss? – Missing the mark? – 5 of 7

Verse for Today:

Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins. – Jms 4:17

Ever felt that something is amiss in your life? What about that trip overseas? Or maybe that true love?

We are in the business of instant results. McDonalds base their business on that principle. Instant gratification takes away an important principle; anything worthwhile takes time and effort. That brings another principle into play, discipline might seem like a curse word. If we consistently do the right thing, that will bear fruit. It is like the Bible says, all hard work brings a profit. 

So what does this verse say?

The things we know in the backs of our minds, that is the good things to do. We either too lazy to do them or we are not self aware.

Lets think a bit about examples. Spending quality time with your kids, phoning your parents often, reading your Bible every day, sharing your faith and praying every day.

The bible says if we know what is the good thing to do and dont do it, it is sin. So not doing the good is sin. Challenging!!

What is the good you can start doing? Put it on your to do list and work at it every day.

Prayer for today:

Lord we fall so short of this verse because there is just so much we can do in this world. Help us to be discipline and make plans to incorporate the good into our lives. We are loved by God and we can share that love with people. Amen.

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