9.10. If someone could speak from the grave, what would they say? – Luk 16:27-28

If someone could speak from the grave, what would they say?
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  • Lazarus was the beggar that layed at the gate of the rich man hoping to get something from his trash to eat.
  • We would call him a hobo that destroys your trash can once a week when you put it out.
  • It seems like Lazarus had a relationship with God but was in physical need of food, heath care and most probably shelter.
  • You can see that the rich man knew the guy who trashed his garbage can, he knew him by name.
  • He might even have cursed him a few times for messing up his driveway.
  • He still orders Lazarus around even from hell, most probably like he did on earth.
  • It seemed for a short while that the rich man, was the man on earth.
  • He most probably had everything his heart desired, because it says he lived in luxury every day.
  • Lazarus was the man who was down and out, the rubbish of earth scorned, rejected a total failure in the worlds eyes.
  • He most probably wanted to commit suicide because Abraham says he only received bad things and lost all hope.
  • Lazarus’ only hope was to beg from the rich man. 
  • If I hear what the rich man said I assume that his five brothers was also wealthy and in the same situation that he was before he died and went to hell.
  • So I assume they came from a wealthy family, even royalty where people looked up to them.
  • He wanted Abraham to send Lazarus to his brothers to warn them about the gospel is true and the truth about heaven and hell.
  • He told him that the Law and the Prophets, which was basically the old testament was enough to convice someone about the truths of God.
  • He was conviced that the same man Lazarus who layed at his gate would convice them about heaven and hell.
  • So Lazarus by implication did actually spoke to the rich man about God , but he did not listen to him. 
  • No, not really.
  • I have a movie in my library, “90 Minutes in Heaven”, based on a true story and I can assure you people might think it is just a good story not reality.
  • People might think the person only hallucinated all those nice things. 
  • I thought so at first.
  • But no we would not listen even from a scientist eye witness point if I take the movie “Contact”.
  • In it they said she had a self reinforced delusion.
  • Now a delusion is: a false belief or opinion.
  • Then a self reinforced delusion would be: one that creates conditions that reinforce that false belief or opinion.
  • It is interesting in the movie people at first wanted to send someone who cherish their deepest belief that there is a God and that we should have faith.
  • When faced with an eye witness account they wanted to revert back to her standpoint about where is the imperical evidence.
  • Questions to answer:
    • Is it possible that it did not happen? Yes.
    • Do you need physical evidence to back up your story? Yes.
    • Could you halucinate your eye witness story? Yes.
    • Do you agree that you would react with the same incongruity: (Lack of harmony or agreement) and scepticism? Yes.
    • Why don’t you withdraw your testimony that your trip to the end of the galaxy never took place?
      •  Everything that I know as a human being and have experienced tells me that it was real.
      • I was given something wonderful, something that has changed me forever, a vision of the universe that tells us undeniably how tiny, insignificant and precious we all are.
      • A vision that tells us that we belong to something that is more greater than ourselves, that none of us are alone.
      • I wish I could share that everyone just for one moment could feel that awe and humility and the hope, but that continues to be my wish. 


  • God through the ages has given us eye witness testimonies about their journey with God.
  • But like with Jody Foster, we do not believe their experiences maybe because we do not have those experiences for ourselves to convince us.
  • Maybe in our fear of the unknown we are too scared to really research things and find out the answer for ourselves.
  • We choose being ignorant so that we can have an ‘excuse’ that we did not know.
  • The problem with that hypothysis is that we choose not to take responsibility of our ‘real’ lives and choose to live in our own ‘dream world’ that we make up for ourselves.
  • In essence because we do not want to change our lives and live the way God wants us to live, we in essence “refuse to love the truth and so be saved” (2 Thes 2:9-11) which brings us full circle back to our first study we did why we do not follow God. 

So I want to close off by looking at the last clip of “Science vs God” that even scientist cannot prove with imperical facts love yet they believe it. The irony of the the fact is that the Bible says “God is Love”. (1 John 4:7-21)

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  • “An all powerful misterious God created the universe and then decided not to give any proof of His existence” or “That He simply does not exist at all and we created Him so that we do not feel so small and alone.”
  • She is delusional because God has given soooo much evidence. If you take the time and apply the Archaeological, Bibliographical, Inside and Outside Evidence Tests you will find that the evidence about the Bible is true. (Read “More than a Carpenter” or “Evidence that Demands a verdict” by Josh McDowell about the tests)
  • Einstein said: “The more I study science, the more I believe in God”. So maybe you haven’t studied science enough or the Bible to believe in God: “Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.” (Rom 10:17)
  • As well: “There are only two ways to live your life. One though as nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein.
  • Their conversation makes me think of this verse: “10 I saw the ·hard work [task] God has given people to ·do [keep them occupied]. 11 God has ·given them a desire to know the future [placed eternity/an awareness of time/or ignorance in their hearts]. He does everything just right and on time [makes everything appropriate/beautiful in its time], but people can never completely understand what he is doing [discover/find the work that God does from beginning to end; humans cannot discern the “right time”]. 12 So I ·realize [know] that ·the best thing [there is nothing better] for them is to be happy and enjoy themselves as long as they live.” (Ecc 3:10-12)
  • So God placed eternity in the hearts of man, but men went in search of other things.
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