1.1. Seeking happiness, peace, love, fulfillment,…. or Seeking God – Ps 119:1-2 – Part 1 of 8 – SG

"What you seek in seeking you" - Rumio
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Morning my friend. My prayer is that you enjoy these studies.I have spend countless hours to bring you these studies, I started in 2018.Our aim in doing these studies is to draw closer to God and have a great realtionship with Him getting to know Him better.

I will be studying the Bible with a fictional characters called “Hans” and “Linda” where we will discuss the Bible and it’s meaning to apply it to our lives.

We are good to go and please enjoy.

We will start off by asking a few questions we all ask in our lives and through the studies we will endeviour to answer those.

    • What is the purpose of life Hans?
    • Who is God?
    • What is love?
    • How will I find happiness, peace and fulfillment?

In essence we all most probably start with seeking stuff out, so today we will begin with our topic of Seeking God. Let’s look at a definition, shall we Hans?

Seeking’s definitionThe act of searching and attempt to find for something; “a quest for ???”

    • What is your quest in life Hans
    • What are you looking to achieve in life?

Lets look at a verse or two in the most famoust book of all times:

  • 6 Billion copies sold.
  • Over 40 authors.
  • 168 000 Copies is distributed per day.
  • The best in the whole world attested book by archaeology, number of copies, eye witness accounts. 

Have you read this block buster book yet?

Ok let us start with the first scripture.

Blessed are those whose ways are blameless,
    who walk according to the law of the Lord.
Blessed are those who keep his statutes
    and seek him with all their heart

Ps 119:1-2


  • So when you look at this Hans, what do you think does it mean to be blessed?
    • Francois blessed mean happy, very happy or superlative happy. 
  • Well said, so first it says blessed are those whose ways are blameless, what does it mean to be blameless?
    • Does it mean to be perfect and without sin?
  • You know Hans I can never be perfect only Jesus was. Being blamesless means that I am without fault. Example so if I am a driver and I am blameless, it means that I haven’t made any accidents and have moving violations. It does not mean I am sinless. That is different there. When you are without fault.
  • How are we blameless, what do we have to do? How do we live this blameless life?
    • Francois the next phrase says walking according to the law of the Lord.
  • Can you live a blameless life Hans without walking according to the law of the Lord?
    • Apparently not from the scriptures.
  • Right that is a bold statement right there, incredible bold statement. The Bible is saying there unless you walk and it just does not say know the law of the Lord. It is not enough to know it, you actually have to live it right. A lot of people have Bible knowledge but they are not living it. You know what I grew up going to church, but I was not really living and holding to the Bible. So as a result my live was not really right with God because I was not following the truth. 

All of your Heart:

  • It goes on to say “Blessed are those who keep his statutes and seek him with half of their heart.Right?
    • No Francois it says here with all of their heart.
  • Ok sure, I was just making sure you pay attention there. Ok so the key thing moving forward is, to seek God with all of our heart, right. So previously you said you were seeking money with all of your heart, financial security. I can relate, I wanted the black Mercedes but in a lot of ways that was what I worshipped.It is interesting the word worship. It actually means “worth”, “ship” the antimology of the word. So whenever we really find worthy in our lives is what we put as a priority in our lives, the thing we are to seek first.
  • Whenever I read this scripture it reminds me of, do you have any kids Hans?
    • Yes I have one kid.  
  • It is interesting, I have a daughter as I said that is 5 years old. Say we we want to go to the shop and I want to get her some chocolates, she loves chocolates. So, she goes up to the isle and she points out the big chocolates that she wants to have and I get it for for her and I turn around and I don’t see her. 
  • Would I go on and get some milk without looking for her?
    • No, not at all!
  • No, that would not be seeking her with all of my heart, right? 
    • The first thing I will do is run to the front door, tell them to close the doors, red alert.
  • Exactly!  So in the same way, are we really seeking God with all of our heart or is it just a Sunday thing
    • Mmmm???
  • Like for you, has it just been a Sunday thing or is it something I do on a daily basis?
    • You know Francois what it is really just a Sunday thing for me at the moment.
  • Well there you go.
    • It was like what was going on in my life as I told you. I was going to church but still haging with my old “naughty” friends, really leading a double life. I wanted to feel in with the crowd but also go to church. Living like a hypocrite wanting best of both worlds. I realized that if I want to do something I have to do it with all my heart, realizing that I was not where God wanted me to be.
  • So the question for you today is, do you really want to seek God with all of your heart? Living a blameless life, a life of integrity?
    • Uhhhh, yeah.
  • Amen, amen.
  • Well Hans it is great that you want to do it with all of your heart. Well this studies will show you how to do it. Moving forward is tho the question is, have you ever wanted to know why people do not seek God with all of their heart? Why do you think people don’t?
    • Well to think of myself, I did not really had someone in my life that teach me and showing me the word. For me I just put other things first. I told you I want to be rich. I want to have lots of money, that is where my focus is. I thinks that is why that is, basically.  
  • No, I hear you absolutely. I think what is interesting about this passage is that it gives you some insight into people, why they don’t do it?
    • Well here it says to be blameless, I have to walk according to the law of the Lord and to seek God with all of our hearts means; it is just not like Sunday attendance.
  • It says, blessed are they who keep His statutes and seek Him with all of their hearts. To seek God with all of our hearts means to keep His statutes. There are a lot of people who funny enough go to church but don’t keep His statutes. They think they seek God with all of their hearts. They think that I am singing songs, I give my tithe, I do all this stuff so I must be seeking God with all of my heart, but the do not actually obey the Bible. So the happiness is superior to all others,  comes from walking according to the law of the Lord, pretty much obeying the Bible. Ok now that we have established where happiness comes from. Let’s establish the conditions for it.
    • Mmmm. A blameless life!!! Wowww who of us can claim that one?
  • So if we live according to the Bible God says we live a blaimeless life.

Keep His statutes / laws:

  • Ok who walks in His laws / testimonies. Ok so obviously there is my law and then there is God’s. Does yours make you happy??? Why are you reading this anyway?
  • And the last but not the least; seek Him with all, your heart. What do you really love? Soccer, nature, holidays, …? I guess it is like falling in love with that first love of your life. You just can’t get enough of that person!!!
  • Does it say half ur heart?
    • No all of it!!!
  • No 95% or high averagers allowed, only 100% candidates. Real commitment hey? Are you up for it?
    • Let’s do it!
  • Remember happiness is the byproduct not the end goal. So, is that the way you study your Bible? With all your heart? Some say it is God’s love letter to us. Sounds a bit cheesy? There may be some truth in that! 
  • Be one of the famous 6 billion who has a bible and has read it!


  • Am I blessed in God’s eyes because I walk according to the Bible?
  • Can I honestly say I seek God with all of my heart?
  • Start reading the book of John, do one or two chapters a day and answer some questions.
    • Who is the piece written to? (Gives your context)
    • What is being said? (Content)
    • Why is the writer writing this? (Motive behind the writing)
    • How is this applicable to my life? (Applying the Blessing to my Life)
    • What is the end result it will create in my life? (What does God’s command hold for me in store?)
  • Sometimes if you really want to go deep read a commentary (detailed study) while reading the Bible.
  • Know that you will be superlatively happy when you start applying the BIble to your life.
  • It is God’s will for your life to life a fulfilled happy life.

Happy reading!!!

  • If you want to study the Bible contact me on Whatsapp +27 79 481 8989 then we can do some personal Bible Studies!

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