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The Afterlife 

The Real Atheist 


A new beginning

My Best Year Yet for Ever 2019

Family / Cell / Bible Discussion Group

The Best seller of Black Friday !!!

Are you blessed ?

Broken pottery with Christ shining His light through us

Born again


Family / Cell / Bible Discussion Group

Is Christianity a leap of faith ?

Christian or a Disciple ?

Young Christians

Reasons Churches Less Evangelistic Today

Warm, Luke Warm & Cold – Righteous, Religeous & Reckless

compassionate heart

Making Disciples vs. Making Converts


Feelings & Desires

Christian or a Disciple ?

Making Disciples vs. Making Converts

Overcome my Distress & Sorrow ?

Always do what is right


Jesus’ enemies a footstool for His feet

Reasons Churches Less Evangelistic Today

Excellence ???


Love never fails

Is Christianity a leap of faith ?

What is Faith?

Family / Cell / Bible Discussion Group

Join our Family Meeting

The Fear of the Lord

Feeling Blissful and Loved by God Continually 

Feelings & Desires

Which Jesus are you following ?

Bearing – The fruit of The Kingdom

What your Hope, you Future?

The Future Generations 


Alles wat jy in gebed voor vra?

Nederigheid & Toets van Gehoorsaamheid

The Gospel

The Gospel in Detail

All people will see His Glory !!!


A compassionate heart

The Heavenly Experience !!!

To Heaven or Not ?

What your Hope, you Future?

There is always hope!!! Even if you feel like you are on a deserted island in the middle of the sea !!!

Are you looking to sell your property or buy a new house ?

Do you see being humble as a good thing ?




Am I Intentional about my Relationship with God ?

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