Testimony by Nick Winn


I was born in Gauteng, or Johannesburg in South Africa on the 9th of September 1971. Old I know. I had an elder brother who unfortunately passed away in 2009 at the age of 39.

My life growing up was like most South African children where every Sunday would be a must visit to your local church. Usually it was the closest church to the house. I grew up Methodist but as I grew older, I remember attending many different churches with many different doctrines.

At school I was a real joker and pretty busy (some called it naughty!) I excelled at most sport and always loved people. So extrovert of note. 

Life before Christ

As I mentioned before, we church hopped as a family, so I never really knew true biblical doctrine.

After I finished college I went to the army and at that tie for all South African males out of school it was compulsory. After military service I started an apprenticeship with South African Airways as an Interior fitter or Trimmer and upholsterer and safety equipment.

I got married in 1993 and in 1995 my eldest daughter was born. Life had its ups and downs but at that stage my life was slowly going downhill. Drinking for recreation almost on a daily basis. I had even cheated on my wife a few times in a short space of time. In 1998 an opportunity arose to go the Middle East to work with Gulf Air as an Interior Engineer. 

I jumped at the opportunity, but more from the view point of starting fresh where no one knows me. God did!

For 4 months, I worked in Bahrain the Persian Gulf without my wife and child. It was so hard and gave me loads of time to reflect. My family arrived and for the first year it was all new and novel and we enjoyed the adventure. That soon wore off and life just seemed boring, aimless and without purpose. We were discussing divorce as a way forward.

Life with Christ

A while later after our plans were made we met a couple that came to plant a church from the States. My life would never be the same. R.D Baker took me through a set of equipping bible studies that rocked my world. 

My marriage went from strength to strength and it was amazing to be living out what the bible taught. For the first time in my life I had true purpose. Saving souls.

Life since then has been one incredible roller coaster with many ups and many downs, but through it all, God and His word has never failed me. I have now been a disciple for over 20 years.

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