The Blessings of Submission

"There will be no peace in any soul until it is willing to obey the voice of God." - DL Moody
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The Blessings of Submission is living according to God’s will. Due to the fact that we submit to God we repent of our sins and the blessing is not to suffer the consequences of that sin but the good things that come by obeying God. Blessing in the Bible means Superlatively Happy, it is that joy that transcends understanding. Submission also brings freedom to live righteously.

0. Review of Yesterdays study:

  • Well Francois I think first it takes guts to stand up for what is right, more so if your life will be endangered by it.
  •  You can only not submit when God’s Honor is in the crossbows.
  • Sometimes if I identify the bad attitudes in my heart has a lot to do with bad non submission, so I first need to identify them.
  • Is there maybe someone I have indentified while doing the study that I have negative feelings about?
  • Is my heart at that point where I cannot help but speak or still inclined to rather want to please people?

1. The Bible Scriptures:

– After studying submission for the last six days you should have a better picture of what true submission means. Let’s see what the Bible has to say about blessings of submission. 

Therefore God exalted him to the highest place
    and gave him the name that is above every name,
10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,
    in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
11 and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord,
    to the glory of God the Father.

Phil 2:9-10


  •  God exalted Jesus to the highest place.
  • The Father gave him the name that is above every name.
  • That in the name of Jesus every one will submit to Jesus in heaven and on earth.
  • Every tonge will acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the Lord.
  • A submissive heart means you are open for input.
  • If you are open for input then like the Bible says “Many advisors make victory sure”.
  • That means that the probability that you will succeed will increase.
  • The more successful you are the more God can use you for His purposes.
  • A submissive attitude can be like water on a fire in an emotional situation.
  • The Bible says: “Pride only breeds quarrels”.
  • So having a submissive attitude is being humble brings the following advantages:
  • Wisdom (Pr 11:12)
  • Grace (Jms 4:6)
  • You will be exalted (Luk 14:11)
  • Riches, honor and life (Pr 22:4)
  • Respect for each other.
  • Peaceful home.

12 Therefore I will give him a portion among the great,
    and he will divide the spoils with the strong,
because he poured out his life unto death,
    and was numbered with the transgressors.
For he bore the sin of many,
    and made intercession for the transgressors.

Is 53:12


"There will be no peace in any soul until it is willing to obey the voice of God."

2. Close

– Hans I think submission is like Christmas, sometimes you have to wait for it a while to see the presents it produces. In essence it is such an amaizing characteristic that builds friendship, loyalty, love, etc. It also show where your faith is at, if you really submit to God will be found in your daily life. It will also be evident in your attitudes and emotions where your heart is at. I think the question to ask is; do I seek my approval from God or from people?

  •  Francois yes when we start to look at what our friendships with leadership is like, it shows a lot about our hearts towards God.

–  Hans can you close us out in a prayer today?

  • Sure Francois
  •  Heavenly Father, you uplifted your Son when He totally submitted himself to you.
  • It was not easy for Jesus to do it, he sweated blood, got betrayed by his best friends, was involved in a locker room punchup, got flogged almost to death, got taunted by Roman soldiers, got forsaken by His Father, took up all our sins and of the world and finally got crusified.
  • Father I know I could never have gone through that!
  • Father I pray that my heart can be open for input to learn to be closer to you.
  • It is awesome that my success will increase and that You will be fighting alongside me in the battle as I submit to you. 
  • I know Father where there is still attitude, bitterness and negative feelings that I have to resolve those situations. 
  • Father I look forward to the wisdom, grace, exaltation, riches, honor, respect and peacefulness that will result because of my submission.
  • Help me always to see my place in the world, subjected to You.
  • Amen.all 

3. Practicals

– Review the last 7 days of Bible studies that we have gone through to see submission as a whole!

    1. Different Situations.
    2. A Matter of Attitude.
    3. Key to Growth.
    4. Relationship with Leaders.
    5. When we must Not Submit.

– Review the practical applications that we had a look at and see if you have applied any of them.

– If you are really determined about submitting to God the fruits will start showing up in your life! Ameennn.

  • Francois

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