You are currently viewing 4.23. What are you looking for? – Fulfillment of the Old and New Testament Predictions – Part 12 of 12

4.23. What are you looking for? – Fulfillment of the Old and New Testament Predictions – Part 12 of 12

Are you like Bono of U2And still haven’t found what I am looking for“?

What is there on earth that pulls our heart strings? Money, power, popularity, travel, etc.

Do these things really fulfill us?  Nooo, then movie stars will not commit suicide or overdoze on drugs. They would have lived fulfilled lives and be happy.

So what is the alternative? What should we be looking for according to God?

Let’s have a look at Jesus’ first speech and what He had to say.

33 “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” – Mat 6:33

Let’s answer the other two questions of the 6 we asked in the beginning?

5. Is it important to go to church? Yes very!!!
What priority must seeking the kingdom of God (His church – Remember it is an eternal church here on earth) take in your life according to this verse?
It says seek first, so above all else your first priority every day should be to seek God’s Kingdom first.

Are you seeking the kingdom first?

If not, why? Don’t you think it is important to seek God’s kingdom first?

Well God does.

Maybe your priorities is more focussed on the world and not on God.

Is God your first love or a spare wheel?
It also says you should seek God’s righteousness, which mean that your life must be exemplary in God’s eyes.
You cant just seek the kingdom but your life stinks it out.
It also says that all things will be given to you as well. What is that all about?

Well Jesus was talking about food, clothing, etc in the previous verses. Basically He was talking about your daily needs, so God is not distant ito your needs.

The last questioncan be very controversial if you are not serious about the truth:

6. Is it important to which church I go to?
Some people might say; as long as you are happy in your local congregation. Let me illustrate. We all love to drink Coke. Sometimes when you go to the green grocer you get these cheap knockoffs. Well it is something to drink, but not the real good stuff.
Are you a knockoff guy / girl or do you like the real, good quality stuff?
The question begs; that if my church is not like the church of the Bible, is it then the real church? Is it the real deal? Do I settle for second best?

You decide, remember your eternity is at stake. That saying bird of a feather flock together. You become like your 5 closest friends. They are your yardstick for life; who you go to for advice. Are they disciples, are they bringing you closer of further away from God? Some things to ponder.

It all boils down to your character. Do you have conviction about the truth or do you live the lie? Or do you love the darkness more than the light? (Jn 3:19)

Prayer for Today:

Lord I pray that my heart will be inclined to seek your kingdom first. Help me to throw off everything at hinders and the sin I so easily fall into? Help me to be a man of conviction who loves the truth and lives by it every day! Amen.

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