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6.7. Your Wages? – Rom 6:23 – Darkness to Light – 7 of 13

I can still remember our first on road store, there was no online store then. We used to watch Gepetto makes these wooden figures in his wood shop. My brothers and I started carving wooden figures out of wooden tomato packaging that looked like boxes. Then we will sit next to the road and sell them to people I think for 5 cents, not the scene you would want for your kids today. So that was my first wages I earned as a kid. We really worked hard to carve those wooden statues and knives out of that wood.

The question is what will be your wages you will earn; that you are working toward achieving for eternity?

Verse for Today:

23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. – Rom 6:23

So the wages of our sin is death, eternal damnation in hell if we do not receive forgiveness of our sin.

But God has a present for us, eternal life.

Why is it that we always imagine this peaceful serene scene sitting in a nice garden with the birds chirping away?

In the background is this fairy castle where we stay and we have our horse that will take us there quickly.

Let’s do a quick SWAT analysis:
WAGES OF SIN        –         GIFT OF GOD

Death                                     Eternal Life

Hell                                         Heaven

Darkness                               Light
Which one would you say is the better choice?

Do you really believe that?

Is your daily life reflecting that choice of yours?

What dream do you need to put in place that will motivate you to live the life God expects from you?

I was watching our wedding video over the weekend. There was some mixed emotions of crying and joy. Crying because I saw three people that has passed away, one of them being my dad. Also I remember the dreams my wife and I dreamt of what life will be as a married couple; the adventure we will have, but life does not always pan out the way you think it will. Then there was the couples that got divorced, five of them and you wonder what went wrong? The joy of seeing how young we were once (smile) and the great party you had.

I hope you live to receive that awesome present, that party that will be in heaven.

Prayer for Today:

Lord what an amaizing present you have in store for me. Help me to live each day by faith as if it was my last; reflecting that choice I made. Amen.

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